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Renee's book, The Newborn Baby Manual  is a niche specialist book that aims to help fully inform expectant and new parents about breastfeeding, baby sleep and baby behaviour.

It is an up-to-date fully referenced book that provides parents with practical, realistic and accurate information. Being a new parent raises many questions, yet sometimes new/expectant parents don't know what questions to ask. Reading The Newborn Baby Manual will provide new/expectant parents with newfound confidence and a thorough understanding about their baby and their baby’s needs.
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The Newborn Baby Manual author, Renee Kam, captures the medical and lay aspects of breastfeeding in a comprehensive fashion not seen in any other breastfeeding and newborn baby book. As a busy obstetrician, I highly recommend this book to every pregnant woman as well as to obstetrical offices.The book provides unbiased factual information that I am asked about on a daily basis.The chapters are concise and easy to read but effectively cover each topic thoroughly. My recommendation is to BUY THE BOOK Brian (Obstetrician)

Renee's book is a well researched and thorough resource for new mums who are looking for easy to read and reliable information on breastfeeding, sleep and settling. There are many books out there which are only based on personal experience which can sometimes be misleading ... this book however can be trusted for its evidence based content. Melanie (doctor and mother of two)

The Newborn Baby Manual has been so helpful. As a first time mum, I have a lot of questions, and Renee's book covers them all! It is well written, with practical advice and information. It so easy to follow and has been great as a quick reference guide whenever I'm unsure of anything. Definitely a book worth buying! Simone (mother)

I recently purchased your book at a lactation conference. I found it such a good practical guide for new Mums I have passed my copy onto an expectant friend. Where can I purchase another copy for myself? Kathy (midwife)

It's a brilliant book! The layout is great, with short chapters packed full of easy to understand and incredibly helpful information. Renee certainly knows her stuff! Mardi (mother of three)

The Newborn Baby Manual is a well researched and up-to-date book that provides parents with a good understanding of why babies feed, behave and sleep as they do.

Breastfeeding is covered very well  indeed,  as you would expect from a Lactation Consultant and breastfeeding counsellor.   How breastfeeding works, how to avoid and overcome problems and expressing are explained comprehensively.

The sleep information is also well researched and respectful of babies’ and parents’ needs.  Thankfully it is free of the rigid sleep training advice that can have detrimental effects on breastfeeding and babies’ wellbeing.

Unlike many other baby books on the market, references are given for the information that is presented.  This would also make the book an ideal reference for the busy health professional who works with families.

While comprehensive, it is still easy to read.  It is easy to dip into, whether to find how to know if your baby is getting enough breastmilk, what to eat when breastfeeding or how to promote healthy sleep habits and much more.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Newborn Baby Manual.  The information is referenced and up-to-date with excellent practical suggestions to help increase parents’ confidence.  I am sure Renee Kam’s book will help to make those early days and months of their precious baby’s life much less daunting for new parents. Kay (registered nurse and breastfeeding counsellor)

If you want one of the glossy books written by 'experts' who will give you their set of rules to follow, then there are plenty to choose from. But if you prefer to be empowered to make your own decisions, based on sound, up-to-date information, then this is the book for you. The Newborn Baby Manual has a unique blend of information, strategies, guidelines and explanations. Each of the short, easy-to-read chapters covers one of a comprehensive range of topics, so it's very easy to find what you need to know now. True to its promise on the cover, this book really does contain "Everything you need to know about breastfeeding, baby sleep and baby behaviour". It is written as a practical manual for parents, but it would also be a satisfying read or informative quick reference for health care providers.  There is something for everyone, and for those who want to know even more, it's fully referenced. Ros (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)

I read a lot of The Newborn Baby Manual before bubs came, but have found it most useful to refer back to particular sections as questions has arisen. The detailed information around breastfeeding was especially helpful in the first few weeks at home. It made me feel confident that everything was going as it should. Thie week I have revisited the advice around sleep and bedtime rituals and night time feeding. This has already made settling baby a little easier and I think it will help us to establish more of a routine as he gets older. Thank you! Laura (mother of young baby)


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